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Finance Director


Multi-national life sciences company



Hays drove the executive search for a multi-national life sciences company looking for a new Finance Director in Latin America. Our in-depth knowledge of the life sciences sector, coupled with our ability to find financial executives that act as business partners in the companies that employ them, were key details in the successful completion of this assignment.



We worked closely with the client to align goals and fully understand the expectations of each of the stakeholders involved, meaning we could look for exactly the right person to meet their needs. Our experience working in the client’s sector (a prerequisite for taking the assignment) meant we could accurately map the talent available in the Brazilian market to ensure the best executive was found for the position.



"Persistence and perseverance with the search! Hays Executive pursued the person with the right fit for the role to make sure we got the complete package. There are many individuals who could have qualified for our position, but a strong will to understand our needs, company culture and the role itself, were the drivers of their search. They did not ease off once they found our match, and drove the closure of the position, ensuring a good candidate and client experience. I would call upon Hays Executive again for our future needs. Thank you for your partnership."
- Claudine