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Hays Executive Brazil operates from offices in São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro, allowing our consultants to both serve the domestic market and to leverage opportunities for cooperation with our international network.

Hays Executive offers the following services in Brazil:

  • Direct Search – a clearly defined and strategic sweep of target clients and our consultants’ own networks to identify exceptional performers and present the best fit for your organisation.
  • Advertised Search & Selection – a carefully written and strategically placed advertisement combined with our own database sources candidates from the widest possible talent pool.
  • Business Intelligence – we comprehensively map a specific target client list in order to provide information for benchmarking purposes or to evaluate possible recruitment needs.

As with all of Hays Executive’s offices, our consultants operate across a number of Industry Practices, covering the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Life sciences
  • Technology and communications
  • Consumer, retail and luxury goods
  • Financial services

We also offer functional expertise in Human Resources, Finance, Tax & Treasury and Sales & Marketing.


Hays Executive was set up to provide an array of recruitment services that are complementary to those offered by other business lines within Hays, and tailored to the markets in which we operate.

We typically recruit Directors and Functional Heads, operating in a market segment where historically client needs have been served by either mandating board advisory firms to operate at a level below where their real added value lies, or by relying upon middle management partners to ’raise their game’ and apply their methodology to a level of profile with which they may be unfamiliar.

Our business model relies on the ability to identify both outstanding passive and active candidates by harnessing the massive volumes of information available in this information age and our extensive personal networks.

Our consultants, who have an average of 10 years search and selection experience, all have a strong track record at other search firms and are the most senior recruiters from within the Hays Group. They have been hand-picked to ensure that their own values correspond to Hays Executive’s core principle of putting a community of knowledge to work for our clients every day.

We operate on an international basis that is seamless. Working from a single international CRM/database, a tool that enables sharing information within our community. But far beyond mere tools, we share an openness and desire to cooperate in order to put client satisfaction at the centre of every decision we make.

When you work with us, you are not working with one but many experts. Our will to succeed is a collective one, and we take delight in all of the successes we achieve. Each success ensures a legacy that will benefit us all.

Practice areas


Brazil offers some of the best investment opportunities with numerous advantages including a booming domestic market and a vast supply of natural resources. The country has moderate free markets, an inward-oriented economy with diverse industries, ranging from automobiles, steel and petrochemicals to computers, aircraft, and consumer durables. With increased economic stability provided by the Plano Real, Brazilian and multinational businesses have invested heavily in new equipment and technology.

The country’s services industry is diverse and relatively sophisticated. During the early Nineties, the banking sector accounted for as much as 16% of GDP. Although undergoing a major overhaul, Brazil's financial services industry provides local businesses with a wide range of products and is attracting numerous new market entrants.

According to the World Economic Forum, According to the World Economic Forum, Brazil was one of the top countries in upward evolution of competitiveness for the last few years, leapfrogging Russia for the first time, and closing the competitiveness gap with the two other BRIC economies, India and China. Brazil is expected to break into the top five world economies in the decades ahead to come.

At Hays Executive, our Industry practice offers a multi-disciplinary approach with a track record spanning many different sectors that meets the growth in Brazil’s industrial market. The need for innovative, global and experienced executive leadership is what drives us to keep pushing forward in helping organisations find and acquire top talent.

We recruit senior and top management across a broad range of sectors, including Agriculture, Alternative & Renewable Energy, Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace & Defence, Basic Materials, Chemicals, Constructions & Building Materials, Diversified Manufacturing, Electrical & Electronic Products, Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Services, Metals & Mining, Paper & Packaging, Transportation & Logistics and Utilities.

Life sciences

Brazil is the largest life sciences market in Latin America and is often used as a platform by foreign companies from which to enter the region.

Brazil has a $26bn pharmaceutical market and a $4.6bn medical equipment market, which have both shown strong annual growth of 12% and 16% respectively. As such Brazil offers tremendous opportunities for imports, corporate partnerships, and research collaborations.

Our consultants have over ten years of experience in recruiting directly for the life sciences industry, and we count many of the top global life sciences organizations as clients. We are particularly proud of our ability to build management teams for every type of business in the market including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical equipment, nutrition, genetics, and CROs.

Technology and communications

Brazil has emerged as an economic powerhouse on the world stage, facilitated in no small part by its core investments in information technology (IT). Examine any of the emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) nations and you will see how deeply connected IT is in driving job growth, production, competition, and per capita gross domestic product (GDP). Over 1.7 million IT professionals are employed in the nation, supported by an advanced telecommunication and financial network that is unprecedented for a developing country. With these assets in place, Brazil has successfully attracted top-tier multinationals.

Information Technology and Communications plays a major role in all productive sectors in Brazil, and there is an increasing awareness of its essential role in achieving real economic gains for the economy. This explains why the country can put itself forward as a global strategic player in the Technology and Communications market. Brazilian companies in the sector have created a very strong market over the years. They have accumulated knowledge through decades of experience, they have innovated to achieve excellent results in various business and governmental areas, and they have grown in step with increased domestic demand.

Hays Executive Technology and Communications has helped build the leadership teams of some of the world’s preeminent companies. We have been at the forefront of top management recruitment for many years. With a network of offices across the globe, job seekers and employers all over the world benefit from our consultants’ in-depth knowledge of these highly specialized job markets.

The careers of our candidates and requirements of employers are managed by people who are true recruitment experts. This specialist insight means you only deal with people who understand the specifics of these industries and the application of technology within them. We recruit senior and top management in the Technology, Communications and Media sectors.

Consumer, retail and luxury goods

Brazil is one of the world's largest retail markets. Sales have grown strongly in the last few years because of the declining inflation rate that allows for continued expansion of real incomes (increasing demand for non-durable consumer goods) and credit conditions ease (sustaining demand for durable goods).

Three players currently dominate the market and the top five supermarket chains account for approximately 40% of total sales. Retail food sales still dominate the total retail market accounting for more than 50% of total retail sales. The rising purchasing power due to stable macroeconomic factors and the strengthening middle class base fuels the growth of Brazilian retail industry. The franchising industry also grew at a 9.35% rate.

Brazil, by far the largest consumer electronics market in Latin America, occupies first place in regional rankings. Fast food is proving to be recession-proof in emerging markets and Brazil is a battleground for fast food in Latin America. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector faces competitive threats from retailers’ private-label goods. The trend across Latin America is for firms to penetrate markets more deeply and reach lower income consumers through smaller packaging sizes rendering products more affordable to rural populations.

The luxury goods market is also growing steadily. According to analysts, given the increase in the number of global millionaires and line extensions that bring high-end labels to mass consumers, future growth is the natural trend for luxury innovative fashion houses. Growth will also be fuelled by the numerous countries worldwide whose expenditure for luxury fashion outweighs both salary and available luxury options. As brands become global, it is necessary for them to remain flexible, which means they need to have a greater command of different cultures worldwide, high level of customer services and the ability to meet different definitions of luxury all over the world. Companies in the consumer goods segment face the challenge of a constantly changing consumer behavior that have to be assessed and quickly translated into new products and services.

Hays Executive’s Consumer, Retail and Luxury Goods consultants are experts in every field of the Consumer Goods, Retail and Luxury Goods segment and really take the time to get to know clients and candidates. This ensures that we are consistently able to match the top Consumer, Retail and Luxury Goods professionals with the top jobs that each one of our clients has to offer.

Financial services

Brazil has experienced sustained growth in recent years, bolstered by a strong export-led economy, healthy external accounts, moderate inflation, decreasing unemployment and reductions in the debt-to-GDP ratio. The financial sector is secure and provides local firms a wide range of products, despite some of the highest interest rates anywhere in the world.

The largest financial firms are Brazilian (the two largest banks are state-owned), but US and other foreign firms have an important share of the market. Having gone through the difficult years of the 1970s and 1980s, Brazilian professionals have developed an unmatched agility and innovative capacity. The Brazilian Payment System (SPB) is among the most sophisticated, efficient and reliable in the world. Electronic payments have been made in the country for over 50 years and Brazil is one of the few countries in which inter-banking fund transfers can be made electronically in real time. The country provides technological solutions that are benchmarks in banking automation, internet banking, operations via mobile phone, ATMs, serving Brazilian giants as well as over 100 international banks.

The most recent far-reaching project involving banking operations is an authorized direct debit (DDA), a system that allows all payments to be received electronically by the banks that serve individuals and corporations. Besides saving paper and postage, DDA offer benefits in terms of speed and security. The implementation of the system once again confirms Brazil’s position as a pioneer and a global reference point in business-related technology solutions for the financial services sector. Brazil’s Stock Market and Commodities Exchange (BM&F Bovespa) is a leader in Latin American equity and derivatives, and an international financial centre trading shares, commodities and other financial instruments.

The financial market is highly demanding and needs solid expertise. Hays Executive’s Financial Services recruitment expertise spans the entire banking and financial services sector. Our knowledge of these specialised industries allows us to consistently match the right candidates with the best top jobs. Whether you are looking to take your next career step, or you are looking for talented banking and financial services executives, our worldwide network of offices will provide you with the best recruitment experience. We recruit senior and top management in Asset Management, Consumer and Commercial Banking, Financial Services, Global Markets, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Investment Banking, Capital Markets and Alternative Investments, Private Equity, Real Estate and Wealth Management.

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